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Welcome to...
Hiya! WELCOME! Do u c many bubble tea sites online?...i didn't think so..so this site is completely original!
This kewl page started on October 12th, 2000!

New guestbook!

There hasn't been a guestbook since freegb.net went down, but now there's a new one! Go post!

Posted by: kychesu on May 8, 2006, 7:37PM

Minor Update

Took out the search engine option. Provider has discontinued service.

Posted by: kychesu on August 24, 2005, 10:46PM

New Location

Ah. An update you ask? Indeed! A new location for *atomic has been added in Calgary, AB. Check it out here

Posted by: kychesu on May 14, 2005, 11:24PM

A Change...

I decided to put VanillaBBT.com on its own server rather than piggyback off TheOnlineMusicSource.com. This is for the sake of nostalgic purposes, and I'm still not going to put in any major efforts to keep this site updated (i.e. search for new locations, new facts, etc.). However, please continue to send me new/updated locations, other information, and such, and I will continue to add them. Thanks!

Posted by: kychesu on December 30, 2004, 8:56PM

Parabus, New Jersey

Sorry for lack of updates. Keep e-mailing me new locations, etc. A Parabus, New Jersey location has been added. It's for the Sago Tea Cafe.

Posted by: kychesu on June 30, 2004, 11:34PM

Houston, Texas

New Houston, Texas location added.

Posted by: kychesu on March 30, 2003, 3:37PM

Minor Update...

Took off some stagnant links.

Posted by: kychesu on March 21, 2003, 10:53PM


New BBT name has been added. Go here to find out what it is!

Posted by: kychesu on January 23, 2002, 9:46PM

It's about time...

New locations have been added for Edmonton, Alberta, and Seattle, Washington. It's about time an update came eh?

Posted by: kychesu on December 29, 2002, 8:38PM


New locations added for California thanks to Jennifer. Also, the Bubble Tea Network is now defunct. Anybody wishing to restart it may contact me at kychesu@vanillabbt.com, and we'll set it up again. Links have also been updated.

Posted by: kychesu on August 25, 2002, 7:45PM

New Updates

New Houston bubble tea locations added. Added some links too.

Posted by: kychesu on June 27, 2002, 2:12PM

New Updates

Finally what you've all been waiting for, an update! United States locations have been added, in addition to Alberta and Ontario locations. Nutritional facts have been added. The Make Money Online page has been revised. It's the works!

Posted by: kychesu on June 26, 2002, 8:52PM

E-Mail Fixed

The new e-mail is set up and running. Continue to mail at kychesu@vanillabbt.com

Posted by: webmaster on May 13, 2002, 7:39PM

E-Mail Problem

Finally the company that supplied my VanillaBBT e-mail service responded to my question of why my account was suspended. It was suspended simply because the company isn't doing any e-mail services anymore. Probably not enough profit? Who knows... Now I'm going to search for a new company to supply my e-mail. While I do that, please direct all e-mails to gohawks72@hotmail.com. Thank you!

Posted by: dj_spikee on May 4, 2002, 12:15PM

New Update

Yay! Another update! I have added a review for Pearl Castle Cafe/L'elephant Cafe, and I have updated the Jack's Loft review.

Posted by: kychesu on August 26, 2001, 9:36PM

Bubble Tea Supplies and Recipes

FINALLY! An update has come! The bubble tea supply info section and the recipe section has been added. You may access this from the Bubble Tea Facts page. Very sorry for the lack of updates..working on new site at TheOnlineMusicSource.com. Keep on coming back for more updates!

Posted by: kychesu on April 16th, 2001, 8:39PM

Release of VanillaBBT.com

Vanillabbt.com is finally finished and has been released! The original date set was January 1st, 2001, but because of delays, it is finally released today on January 7th, 2001. Sorry for the lack of updates lately, because i have been working on my homepage at Yoheywazzup.com. That site is obviously not done yet, and still has many broken links which i will fix. For this site, i have finally added the review for Jack's Loft Continental Centre. I will keep on adding more reviews when i can. I will also put up a page soon that tells people were they can get supplies for starting a bubble tea store.

Posted by: kychesu on January 7th, 2001, 5:16PM

Bubble Tea Network

Vanillabbt.com has joined the BTN [Bubble Tea Network]. This network is at http://www.bubbleteaonline.com, a site that gets up to 4000 page views in a day. Even CNN.com has an article with this address posted. Ain't it awesome?! Well, i'm sorry but i still haven't launched the reviews yet. I've been busy..but i promise i'll launch them soon.

Posted by: kychesu on November 29th, 3:56PM

Third Place in Top50.to

Vanillabbt.com is currently 3rd place under Free Cash in Top50.to! Hell yah! My birthday today...I'm 14! YAH!!!! WOOHOOO!!!! HA! Somebody actually voted for green apple mint in the voting booth...I thought nobody would ever vote for green apple mint or corn..but, i was wrong!

Posted by: kychesu on November 14th, 5:32PM

VanillaBBT.com E-mail

VanillaBBT.com's E-mail is now working! Get an address like this: username@vanillabbt.com. But the only problem is that you have to sign up separately from the chat room/forum area. So basically, you have to sign up twice to be a member of this site, and to have the free 4mb's of e-mail. All that's still under construction on this site is the Reviews!, so this site is almost finished! Kick-ass! [Note: 3 days till Kychesu's birthday]

Posted by: kychesu on November 11th, 3:18AM

VanillaBBT.com's Update

VanillaBBT.com's Make Money Page is now up!!! Many tedious hours of work by Kychesu typing up the html [yes, the webmaster IS old fashioned and doesn't use Dreamweaver or other web-design programs, but it still turns out lookin pretty good doesn' it?]. Hope visitors will refer the webmaster for all the signups under this section, it does a lot of help for this site's financing, and we appreciate it if you do. Might as well signup for ALL of them! Be a greedy money fanatic...that's always good!

Posted by: kychesu on November 10th, 3:18AM

VanillaBBT.com's Update

VanillaBBT.com now has a voting booth, search engine, and free e-mail. The e-mail is currently @vanillabbt.every1.net, but soon will be reconfigured to @vanillabbt.com. Sign-up now, and the e-mail address will automatically be changed when it is possible. The e-mail address kychesu@vanillabbt.com will be down during configurations, so please e-mail to kychesu@yoheywazzup.com for now, thanx! Also, the message boards and chat room has been completely remodelled. It actually looks good now! Go take a look!

Posted by: kychesu on November 1st, 11:18PM

VanillaBBT.com's Update

VanillaBBT.com's locations page is now up. Take a look, and if you know any other places, e-mail me the name of the place (and address if possible) at kychesu@vanillabbt.com

Posted by: kychesu on October 28, 10:53PM

VanillaBBT.com's New Affiliate Site

VanillaBBT.com has a new affiliate site. It's about all sorts of games, at Thorium's Lair Btw, the links and bubble tea facts pages are now up! Along with the guestbook and message board!

Posted by: kychesu on October 18, 10:40AM

VanillaBBT.com's New Affiliate Site

VanillaBBT.com has a new affiliate site. It's all about DBZ (DragonBallZ) at DBZ Carnage

Posted by: kychesu on October 18, 10:40AM

Now Accepting...

Hullo, Vanillabbt.com is now accepting volunteers for reviews, and/or helping with updating/maintaining this site regularly. Requirements: None, but Greater Vancouver people will do Greater Vancouver reviews, while people from other places [Toronto, San Francisco, etc.] may do reviews from their area. Contact us for more information. E-mail kychesu@vanillabbt.com.

Posted by: kychesu on October 13, 9:03PM

Whaz Happenin Wit Dis Site?

Hey! This site is currently under construction, but WILL be done as soon as possible (latest possible release date: january 1st, 2001). Keep on checkin back for more info!

Posted by: kychesu on October 13, 4:40PM


Behold! The newest bubble tea site! VANILLABBT.COM!!! Please do not hesitate to email me at kychesu@vanillabbt.com

Posted by: kychesu on October 12, 10:30PM

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