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Booyah! Now you can make huge money online!

[Note: Honestly, if you're still haven't caught onto the scams and incompetence of these "make money" companies, you're pretty far behind on the times. I no longer use any of the following.]


Well, for all you people that don't get why companies would pay you to surf, here's a brief BUT detailed explanation.

First, after you signup for a company, you will be needed to download a bar, also known as a adbar/paybar.(Some companies will not let you download the bar right away. Some are in beta testing mode and others distribute the bar in a first come first server order.) You have to run this bar on your computer and you have to be connected to the internet. The bar shows advertisements (banners) in hopes you will click on some. (Maybe leading to a sales if you are really interested.) Now the advertisers PAY the company (AllAdvantage or other bar distributer) to distribute BARS so viewers like us will download the bar and start to view the advertisements. In return for viewing these ads, the company (AllAdvantage) will pay you a part of what they get from the advertisers! So in reality, you're not actually getting FREE money! You are getting paid to view ads!

The bars, varies in size, some are big, some are small, others can be moved around, and others will be stationed like your start menu (if you have windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME)

Most big companies have bar sizes the same as the start menu bar but around triple-quadruple the height, you MAY not move or minimize it. If you do, They will not pay you for that time while it is minimized or closed, because the name of the game is to view ads right? And you can't view ads if the bar is minimized or closed.

EXAMPLE: When you're watching TV, where do you think the TV station gets there money? From the advertisers right? Well why do the advertisers pay the TV station? because they want viewers like you to watch it and maybe purchase it!

The bar works exactly the same! The advertisers pay the companies and the companies pay you! Everyone makes money that's why they are doing this, DO NOT THINK OF THIS AS FREE MONEY! Please think of this as watching ads.

Some bars will pay you when you are connected to the internet (You don't even have to be near the computer, it's whenever you're ONLINE) and other companies will pay you to surf (when you are surfing the net and MOVING you mouse), but some companies may ask you to click on a continue button before they pay you again.

Also, to make even more money, you should try to refer as many people as you can because you will get a percentage of what they make! if you get 10% of $100 that's an extra $10! For doing nothing!

REFER ME PLEEZ! Thanx a lot! These programs are AWESOME for making money! No more minimum wage jobs at McDonald's!

Company Name
Type of Company
Pay Rate
Is It Out Yet?
My Rating
Jackpot Pay to Surf/Play N/A Yes 2 stars - hard to earn money with
AllCommunity Pay to Surf/ Paid to read emails N/A Yes 3.5 stars
Spedia Pay to Surf $0.50-$0.70/hour Yes 3.5 stars
Cashfiesta Pay to Surf $0.10/hour Yes 2 stars
Ignifuge Pay for Startup Page N/A Yes 4 stars
CashSurfers Pay to Surf N/A Yes 3 stars

Get Paid To Read E-Mails and Fill Out Surveys!

Copyright Kahleko/Kychesu 2000-2006
For this MAKE MONEY Page: Partial Credit to NoNameBrandBZ