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Our review for Jack's Loft Continental Centre

Jack's Loft Continental Centre

Location: #1101 - 3779 Sexsmith [at Cambie]- Continental Centre, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

Variety: Good variety of stuff you can get here. From regular bubble teas to slushies to hot bubble teas. Light snacks [thick toast, etc.]are also available here.

Pearls: Jack's Loft's pearls are not the best, but nevertheless, they are good.

Taste: From a scale of 1 to 10, Jack's Loft gets an 8 for taste. Most of their drinks, in my opinion, are really good.

Convenient or Not: Nothing in this Asian area of Richmond is convenient with all those crazy drivers and the streets clogged up with neverending traffic.

Price: One of the more expensive places. Not as expensive as Ricco's, but still expensive. Depending where you want your bubble tea, the prices are different. For example, take out is 10% off, if you want to have it inside, then a regular bubble tea should be $4.75 inlcuding pearls, it's 75 cents cheaper without pearls, but who wouldn't want pearls? That's the whole point of the drink! You can also add coconut meat or ice cream to your drink.

Atmosphere: Very urban, modern, interesting atmosphere. From the weird shaped and different coloured seats to the cool little coffee tables, the furniture in there is nice. Even though the place smells of smoke [caz of all the smokers going there to enjoy bubble tea] at night, it's worth going to because of the good tasting drinks they make. My favourite thing about Jack's Loft other than the drinks is the menu! Their menus are in CD cases. Whoever came up with this idea is a pure genius because it's so creative.

VanillaBBT.com Overall Rating: 8.5/10


Personal Advice:My advice would be for you to go during the day to escape all the smokers. I personally like take-out at Jack's Loft. I'd rather be walking around outside than staying inside. In my opinion, i believe the strawberry or orange bubble tea tastes exactly like strawberry or orange ice cream, so unless you really like strawberry or orange ice cream, then there's no point in ordering it. Their passion fruit is a little strong, but still good. I personally enjoy vanilla the best at Jack's Loft, they have the BEST vanilla of all the bubble tea places i've been to.

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